Fueled by expertise


The principal shareholder of multifuels, LP, Randall Gibbs, has 40 years experience in the energy industry. Gibbs Oil Company owned and operated 150 service stations and was the wholesale distributor for over 350 service stations in New England and New York. The business was sold to British Petroleum in 1981. Mr. Gibbs later founded Texport Oil, a trading company specializing in gasoline blending, trading and marketing. Texport grew to over $2 Billion in annual revenues and was the largest importer of finished gasoline into the US in the late eighties and early nineties. The company, through a consortium of banks was extended a credit line of $150 Million. Mr. Gibbs also founded BTU Brokers in 1997 and sold this business to Amerex Energy (a broker of natural gas and electricity) in 2000. BTU Brokers, at its peak, employed approx. 60 people.

Mr. Gibbs founded multifuels LP in 1997.